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Well, I broke down and got a tattoo. I’ve been wanting one for years, but just haven’t ever had the money, time, or pain tolerance to get one.

However, there’s a tattoo shop next door to my work so I figured, “What the hell. Why not?” I mean, after all, this move WAS supposed to be a new beginning, right? So I now have a badass tattoo going down my spine, and even though it hurt like hell, it looks AWESOME.

In other news, the past few weeks have been..interesting, to say the least. I’ve made more friends and work and I’ve been exploring the city a bit more, but do you remember the guy I mentioned in my first post? The one I had been seeing for a few weeks? The one who was married? His name is Craig. 

Since our last date, when Craig came clean about being married, I got up and left and we hadn’t spoken since. That is, up until last night when I came home from work and found Craig sitting on my front porch looking completely guilt stricken. 

He told me we needed to talk and that he needed to explain himself and the situation.  Me, being the passive person I am, said okay. And boy, am I glad we had that talk.

Craig explained the whole situation to me. Yes, he is legally still married, but he and his wife (whose name is Emily I learned) have since separated due to numerous affairs she had with his brother while he was out of town for work. The divorce will be finalized this week and he has moved out and into his own home, and they have essentially cut all ties. 

I feel a lot better about the whole situation. He said he felt guilty for making me feel bad before he could properly explain.
SO, I guess the big news, is that we have decided to start seeing each other again. We have so much in common and get along so incredibly well, but we are taking things very very slow (mostly for Craig) and I’m perfectly fine with that. I just hope that there aren’t anymore surprises.
Until next time?


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I always hate how daunting it is to start a new diary (or blog, in this case). You don’t know what to talk about, or you’re like me and you can’t even get your thoughts in order, and feel so pressured by all the blank pages. I guess I should start by introducing myself? That’s always a good starting point, right?

My name is Pattyn Andrea Young. I grew up in Sunset Valley, but I recently moved to Starlight Shores. I really aspire to be a famous stylist, and I figured this was the place to be. Other than working constantly I’m usually at home reading, I am a HUGE book worm. It also doesn’t help that I haven’t been in town long enough to make any decent friendships. I did make friends with a co-worker, but it’s difficult to convince her to go out and actually do stuff.

Other than that I’m pretty boring. My social life, for now, is a joke and my love life is a barren wasteland. In fact, the first thing I tried once I moved here was online dating. THAT didn’t go over well, considering one of the guys I started to spend a lot of time with turned out to be married (no thanks. I’m not a home wrecker). But WHY would you get a dating profile if you’re married!? I mean, he was nice and we had a LOT in common, but jeez dude. Not cool, at all.

OH. I also went to a really cool festival in town the other day. It was a Summer festival and it was awesome. I may or may not have gotten my face painted (I totally did). The beach here is also pretty rad.

Okay, now I’m getting sidetracked.
See, can’t get my thoughts in order!

I guess that’s really it for now. I’ve only been here a few weeks and I’m trying to adjust and just start this new chapter of my life. Here’s to hoping things get at least semi-decent?


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After nearly deleting this blog I’m finallyy back, and I’m so excited that I actually have time to post on here, because I missed this so much. 

I’ve lost a bit of followers, but I still have a decent amount and I’m so thankful for all of you! I’m excited to start reading everyone’s stories (that I’m SUPER behind on) and begin posting my own again. I was stressing myself out too much when I was trying to post every day/regularly and trying to take decent photos and edit them all. So from now on I’m focusing on my writing. 

I went through and completely re-did my Tumblr. I don’t like the new “preview” feature thing (where you click on an icon, and instead of taking you to the blog is gives you a preview with the new mobile view). So I suggest actually going to my blog because I worked super hard on it and it looks adorbs.

With that being said, I cleaned out all my old posts. The only posts on my blog are this post and then all my past reblogs. 

I’m going to be posting a new “story” type post tonight, with a new sim. It will not be a legacy style story, because that’s too many photos/editing and I really want to focus on my writing (I’ve literally been narrating my stories in my head. It’s so sad). I’ll post the first entry of that tonight, and I really hope you all enjoy!

SO. Here’s to a new beginning!



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This house was built in Pleyita’s Quaintcoast, but since it’s so tiny (20x16), it will fit nicely in any world. As per usual, it comes as a .package file - place it in your library folder. Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

EPs used: GEN, LN, SN, AMB, UNI - and WA and IF for the plants (so these two are not really necessary)

CC used:

-stairs (included),

-Sandy’s counters

-a window by Madaya


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Elsa got arrested

This is amazing.

let me go

let me go


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When the hour is nigh 
And hopelessness is sinking in 
And the wolves all cry 
To feel they’re not worth hollering 
When your eyes are red 
And emptiness is all you know 
With the darkness fed 
I will be your scarecrow 

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my 1.3k simstagram followers gift..
nerdfighter posters because i’m obsessed :3

I don’t own the artwork they’re all from Pinterest.
Mesh by Gelydh @ club-crimsyn

Get them here ♥


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